Qualitative market research agency
in France and Europe
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EMRA - qualitative market research agency in Europe
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Focus groups and in-depth interviews
(in facility, at place of work, at home, by telephone)
We attach equal importance to quality of recruitment, questionnaire design, interviewing skills and pertinent analysis/interpretation.
Participant observation
Observation and analysis of behaviour in the workplace, at home, whilst purchasing goods and services.
Product tests
We conduct product tests during focus groups, in hall tests and in home among made to measure panels in France, UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. We also organise filmed product usage sessions combined with in-depth interviews.
Mystery customer
We recruit and train mystery customers for specific missions including the purchase of financial services, technology, clothing, luxury goods, and testing travel services, restaurants and service stations.
Product/sector reports
Using a range of sources (press, internet, interviews, store checks) we provide reports on specific products/sectors/markets, helping clients from outside France to evaluate potential for new products/services.
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