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EMRA is an international research agency founded in 1996. Our specialisation draws on our Associates’ training and experience :

Caroline Baker
Founder and Managing Director
MPhil in Sociology, CPA

More than 25 years’ experience in market research : 5 years in London over 20 years in France.

An English national, Caroline has lived in France since 1982: she is totally
bilingual and ‘bi-cultural’.

Pan European project management.

Specialised in B to B research notably new technologies.

Moderates focus groups and conducts depth interviews in French and English.

Member of the Market Research Society (UK).
Florence Coste
Director of Healthcare research
Degree in Medicine,
MA in International Marketing

Over 15 years’ experience in market research.

medical training informs her work with clients in the pharmaceutical sector.

Extensive knowledge of the French healthcare sector and an experienced moderator of groups with medical professionals and patients.
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